DENVER (KDVR) — People from all over the state are waiting in anticipation for the opening of Casa Bonita following its purchase by “South Park” creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker.

With so many people eagerly waiting to devour some sopaipillas and watch the cliff divers, safety is top of mind for everyone at the restaurant.

Through a public records request from the Lakewood Police Department, FOX31 obtained documents outlining the security detail that will be provided at Casa Bonita.

A key part of its security plan is to have metal detectors.

According to the report, the restaurant intends on having a metal detector at both the public and staff entrances. It was not immediately clear if every guest will be required to enter through the metal detector before being seated.

The report also noted that there will not be a special opening event for celebrities, because it could “easily have been a major draw on resources” when it came to security.

Casa Bonita will also have other means of security inside the restaurant to ensure guests are safe while they dine. The restaurant has contracted both armed and unarmed security personnel.

We still do not have an official date of when Casa Bonita will open to the public, but FOX has learned that the restaurant will open in phases before it transitions to allow the general public in. This will allow security to reassess its plans.

First look at renovations

FOX31 received new photos of the renovations made inside the pink venue.

Photos show the new and improved lagoon, Black Bart’s Cave, Dia de los Muertos Bar, and Mayahuel Bar.

What’s on Casa Bonita’s new menu?

One of the biggest questions surrounding Casa Bonita’s reopening is the food. Now, the anticipated menu has been rolled out.

Executive Chef Dana Rodriguez kept it simple, but make no mistake, the quality will be an extremely noticeable improvement.

From Mexican staples such as enchiladas and carnitas to mole and a kid-friendly menu, Casa Bonita’s options should keep the kitchen running efficiently for the large-capacity restaurant. 

And of course, those iconic sopaipillas will be available with every meal.