DENVER (KDVR) — Casa Bonita employees submitted a list of demands to management last week and started a petition citing why they are unhappy with their current situation at the iconic restaurant.

The list came from 50 employees asking management “to revert to what was originally promised by ownership when they were hired months ago.” Defining their exact hours of operation and giving them a set fully operational opening date is another concern the workers brought to the table.

In addition to Casa Bonita’s undefined hours and days of operation, the group demanded access to health benefits. It also wants “the ability to consider employment documents for a reasonable timeframe before signing; and to reinstate former employees lost through Casa Bonita’s contract-related disputes.”

In a press release, the group known as #WeAreTeamCasa, said it drafted the demand letter to management with the assistance of Restaurant Opportunities Centers United.

“There was a promise of lucrative business which would bring an incredible opportunity monetarily. We have yet to see any of this lucrative business – despite people nationwide waiting patiently to finally see the inside of this Colorado landmark. We want to see Casa Bonita thrive, and if ownership/management cannot bring that about, then we will,” employee Gayle Durr said in the release.

The letter was delivered on July 12 and the group said it gave ownership and upper management one week to respond. As of Wednesday night, there were 433 of the 500 signatures posted on the petition.

A statement from Casa Bonita said managers are focusing on creating the best situations for employees overall.

“Casa Bonita strives to create the best working environment for its employees. This includes implementing the best compensation structure for all employees—not just a few. To the extent some employees have concerns about our policies, we will continue to make ourselves available to discuss their concerns, individually or as a group,” the statement said.