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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — A judge ruled on Tuesday that some of Casa Bonita’s public records can stay secret.

As FOX31 reported on Monday, Casa Bonita’s new owners filed for an injunction to stop Lakewood from releasing some of the restaurant’s records to the public. The company’s lawyers argued the documents include “sensitive schematic and security information” that’s protected from disclosure under state open records law.

FOX31’s Carisa Scott listened in on the hearing Tuesday. A judge said the ownership group, The Beautiful Opco, can limit the number of public records the municipality of Lakewood will release. A judge ordered the city can release everything except for 121 records.

The businesses requesting the documents, which include FOX31, can ask the courts for relief, like redacting some of the information so the records are released in the future.

Meanwhile, Lakewood was expected to release documents about the building’s history, permits and other information on Tuesday afternoon. Instead, the city clerk’s office asked for an extension to Aug. 25.