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LAKEWOOD, Colo. (KDVR) — For two years, the Denver area has been deprived of its most famous restaurant. Shuttered by the pandemic and an ownership change, Casa Bonita’s re-opening is still months away.

But if you can’t wait to experience the iconic eatery once again, there’s an art show at a West Colfax art gallery that just might whet your appetite.

The “Casa Bonita Art Show” opened in February at Next Gallery. It features 60 pieces of art inspired by the iconic eatery.

“There’s everything. There’s a clock, there’s a gingerbread house, there’s paintings, there’s embroidery, there’s hooked rugs. I mean everything,” gallery member Betsy Rudolph said.

This is the fifth year for the show, which runs through the end of March. The gallery can’t think of any other restaurant that’s inspired its own art show.

“Well, there’s nothing quite like Casa Bonita. Right? You know, you don’t have, like, the Applebee’s art show,” Rudolph joked.

Chris Boling and his wife Mary Kelly visited the art show last Friday night. They bought a piece of Casa Bonita art at a show a few years ago and were contemplating another purchase.

“I think we might. I don’t know, do we have room for two Casa Bonita art pieces in our house?” Boling joked.

“It’s just kind of really amusing to have a piece of artwork for it in your house,” Kelly said.

As for the actual restaurant, it’s closed until summer, when it will reopen with new owners. Matt Stone and Trey Parker, creators of the animated TV show “South Park,” frequented the restaurant as children and purchased Casa Bonita last August.

“I heard that they’re going to change nothing but improve everything. So I love that.” Rudolph said.