Car crash leads to tumor discovery for Thornton father

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LAKEWOOD, Colo. — It’s hard for Anna Flores to keep track of the days she and her family have spent at St. Anthony Hospital in Lakewood.

Flores said her brother Martin had mild symptoms in the fall, between headaches and blurry vision, that he didn’t feel warranted a trip to the doctor.

“He didn’t want to go to the doctor because he didn’t want to deal with a bill or whatever,” Flores said. “But your health is so much more important.”

But in early October, after Martin got in a car crash, his symptoms got worse. They went to an eye doctor for his blurry vision.

“They said there’s something pushing against his optic nerve, so you guys need to go to the ER right away,” Flores said.

Turns out Martin had a high grade aggressive and cancerous brain tumor. He’s been recovering in the ICU after having part of it removed. His family spending Thanksgiving and the foreseeable future by his bedside.

“It really didn’t feel like Thanksgiving,” Flores said. “It’s hard when we have to kick the kids out of the room and we don’t get to say grace the same way.”

Now his family grateful the crash revealed something that may have gone unnoticed until it was too late, hoping Martin’s story will encourage others to see a doctor if they show similar symptoms.

“He needs to know that there are people who care and are fighting for him and he really got an army behind him,” Flores said.

If you want to help with the family’s medical expenses, they have a GoFundMe account.

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