DENVER (KDVR) — A meeting on Tuesday night will finally address issues with safety concerns on 13th and 14th avenues in Denver.

Numerous wrecks on 13th and 14th left residents feeling anxious for months. But relief could be on the way. FOX31 was told that at the Mayfair neighborhood’s annual meeting Tuesday night, a traffic consultant with the city and a member of the Denver Department of Transportation and Infrastructure will be there to give a presentation about the traffic issues.

Eric Haglund has been at the front of this fight, even before his home was hit in the middle of the night by a reckless driver back in July.

“It’s stressful to hear the sound of cars zooming down the street in the middle of the night and worrying about them running into your house,” Haglund said. “This part of the house is not usable right now, and I’m counting on it raising our heating bill quite a bit this winter.”

Could traffic-calming help the problem?

There’s been past communication on bringing traffic-calming measures coming to the area, like pedestrian poles to narrow the roads. Haglund feels more should be done.

“I’m a little skeptical. It seems to me like there could be something more substantial, like speed bumps or making these two-way streets,” Haglund said.

Council member Amanda Sawyer previously said there was a plan in place, but a contractor wasn’t on board. That plan didn’t include some intersections that have seen these accidents.

“We heard that they have some traffic-calming measures planned. I see that as a start, not the conclusion of this. I think we need to keep hoping that the city does more to make it safer on 13th and 14th avenues,” Haglund said.

The meeting will be held Tuesday at 7 p.m. at the Palmer Elementary auditorium.