LAKEWOOD, Colo. (KDVR) — A Lakewood couple said their car was stolen with their two dogs inside Saturday. However, the pups were located at a local animal shelter.

Paris Ralston and her husband Jimmy Holwuttle, both work as DoorDash drivers. They were inside the Big Daddy’s Pizza location on Wadsworth Avenue picking up an order just after 7 p.m. when their blue 2017 Ford Focus Titanium was taken, with their two dogs in the back.

On Monday, the couple received some great news when they found out the dogs were at the Denver Animal Shelter. Their car is still missing.

There are a few distinguishing features on the car, like a ding on the passenger side door and a “My Nissan Denver” dealership sticker on the back.

Diva and Cerberus, not just pets to them, are also service animals. Ralston is a military veteran and Holwuttle has bipolar I disorder.

“That dog helps when I get worked up. He is right in my face and on my lap. He’s everything for me. Whoever or whatever jerk decided they needed my car worse than me. They took our family,” Holwuttle said.

Cerberus is Diva’s father and they’ve never been separated from Holwuttle or Ralston or each other. Which is Ralston’s main concern.

“She’s been with me since she was born. We own her dad. Her dad is the other dog that was stolen. The fear is that they’re separated and they’ve never been separated. The fear is that we will never see them again and those dogs are more than family pets,” Ralston said. “I know family pets are important, but these dogs are there for certain mental conditions and medical conditions and other dogs can’t replace what they do for us.“

DoorDash is their main source of income, so now they’re out of work in addition to the heartache of looking for their dogs.

The couple told us, they don’t care about the car though because it can be replaced. They are only pleading for whoever took the dogs to bring them back.

“They took everything from us last night. They took our identities, they took our money, they took our animals. They stole our best friends and worst of all they stole our security and our peace of mind and I just want it back. Like keep the car but please turn in my dogs. Please give them back,” Ralston said.