‘I started feeling a stomach ache’: Highlands Ranch mother’s difficult cancer journey

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HIGHLANDS RANCH (KDVR) – A Highlands Ranch forty-year-old mother of four was diagnosed with stage four cancer 10 months ago. The problem was, at the time, doctors did not know where exactly the cancer was in her body.

Cathy Pane’s incredible journey started with a stomach ache.

“I started feeling a stomach ache and lumps in my stomach,” said Pane.

The diagnosis that rocked the Pane family was stage four colon cancer. 

“For any given cancer stage four is the highest stage, the most advanced stage,” said Dr. Steven Ahrendt.

The challenge for Dr. Ahrendt was to actually locate the cancer in Cathy’s body.

“It was a bit of a mystery. One, where the cancer was coming from. And two, whether there was still cancer in her body because all the CAT scans were negative,” said Dr. Ahrendt.

Dr. Ahrendt operated on Cathy and he felt by hand and touch, and looked inside Pane’s body, looking for the cancer.

“You look carefully. You divide the scar tissue. You look everywhere that cancer could hide and often times you find something that doesn’t show up on the scan,” said Dr. Ahrendt.

Dr. Ahrendt, by touch, found Pane’s cancer and determined it was actually small bowel cancer. He removed it and immediately started chemotherapy, right there on the operating table.

Today, the bell of recovery outside the hospital sounded loud and clear at UCHealth Highlands Ranch Hospital.

“It’s been a hell of a journey.  I hope I don’t have to do it again, but we made it.”

And for husband Tony it means “Everything.”

“He’s my trophy husband, couldn’t of done this without him, that’s for sure,” added Cathy Pane.

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