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DENVER (KDVR) — Have you ever been stuck in traffic at a red light and noticed cars turning left? It is actually legal to turn left on red in certain circumstances.

According to Colorado law, “motorists are allowed to make a left turn from a one-way street onto another one-way street after stopping at a red light, provided there’s no sign prohibiting such a turn.”

If you are making a left turn at a red light, you must also yield to pedestrians and other traffic in the intersection before turning.

You can also turn right at a red light

You can also turn right at a red light in Colorado unless you see a sign that says, “no right turn on red.”

Before making the turn, you must completely stop, as well as yield to pedestrians and other traffic in the intersection

Here are some other interesting laws you might not know about in our state:

You can ride in the bed of a truck in Colorado

It is legal for a seated passenger who is at least 16 years old to ride in the bed of a truck, as long as the tailgate is closed, or the area they’re sitting in is enclosed on all sides.

“With that being said, we urge people to ride in the passenger compartment of the vehicle with proper restraint use.  We know seatbelts drastically reduce injury and death risk during collisions,” Sergeant Troy Kessler with CSP said. We still urge people to make the best possible and safest choice. Just because you “can” doesn’t mean you should.”

Anyone 15 or younger must be properly restrained.

You can get a DUI on a bike

The Colorado State Patrol said that you can still get charged for driving under the influence on a bicycle or a scooter because both are considered vehicles, which means operating them while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is illegal.