AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — An Aurora family said their father’s pickup was struck outside of his home and the person responsible has yet to pay up, almost 2 months after it happened.

The crash could happen in traffic or it can happen outside of your home, as is the case with this family.

The man’s daughter, who wishes to remain anonymous, said her father’s pickup was damaged by a truck parked along his block in Aurora.

“When he got out of the truck,” she said, “he walked in front of it and the other driver struck it from behind.”

She said the truck was parked facing oncoming traffic and just backed up into her dad’s pickup.

“The other driver insisted they just exchange insurance information,” she said, “so the man gave my father an insurance card with his information on it.”

The family figured that was enough to carry on with the insurance process and get her dad’s truck fixed.

“Several weeks later we received a letter from that insurance carrier that the driver was not insured,” she said. “We tried to call him back directly but have not been able to get back in touch.”

The Aurora Police Department told FOX31 the rule is you don’t have to call them if there are no injuries or the damage is under $1,000.

You can choose to call a police officer who can respond, but if you don’t, it could lead one party to just leave the scene, as was the case with this family.

“My father is a generous person and it hurts to see him taken advantage of like this,” she said.

The damage to her father’s truck totaled almost $5,000.

“The insurance will not cover the cost of the damage to his truck and we want the person responsible for it to pay up,” she said. “My father believed the man, hoping he would be honorable and cover the costs of the damage he caused.”

APD said if someone tells you not to call them after a crash, it could be because police may cite an at-fault driver on the spot.