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DENVER (KDVR) — It has been four months since a law giving Colorado drivers more protections during vehicle tows went into effect.

The “Towing Bill of Rights” was passed primarily to help drivers who park on private property.

Under the law, towing companies must give 24-hour notice before towing vehicles that are on residential private property. However, not all parking is covered under the law.

Who can still tow you immediately?

The 24-hour written notice requirement does not apply to businesses, only to residential private property.

So if you are parked at a business, they do not have to give advance notice before towing your vehicle. Businesses are also not required to release vehicles for a reduced fee.

You can also be towed immediately if you are parked in a fire lane, a disabled parking spot or residential parking with designated or paid parking.

Additionally, you can be towed immediately if the tow was ordered by law enforcement.