DENVER (KDVR) — Food trucks have become popular in many cities in recent years, and Denver is no exception.

If you’ve ever spotted a food truck parked on a Denver street or attended an event that includes them, you might wonder if there are any rules or regulations.

All food trucks, trailers and carts that operate in the city are required to be licensed. But besides that, they can park freely on most public streets, but there are definitely exceptions.

Where food trucks can’t park

Food trucks can’t park within 300 feet of any park, except when they’re given permission as part of a public event or occasion in the park. This includes events like Civic Center EATS, which occurs two days a week in Civic Center Park during the summer months.

Food trucks also can’t park within 20 feet of an intersection when they’re trying to sell to people.

And, while food trucks can park relatively freely on streets, when it comes to private property there are more rules and restrictions. This includes hour limits and zoning permit requirements.

One place you won’t find any food trucks is in Denver’s Central Business District.

A guideline for food trucks by the city describes the area as being bound by Colfax Avenue and 13th Street to the south, Lincoln Street and 20th Street to the east, Larimer Street to the north and Speer Boulevard to the west.

What are other rules food trucks have to follow?

While food trucks can, for the most part, park freely on the street, they need to follow the same rules all other vehicles follow.

This means no double parking is allowed, and if there’s a meter in that spot, the vendor has to pay the fee.

Food trucks also aren’t able to sell to anyone who is standing in the street. Additionally, they aren’t allowed to place anything on the sidewalk or street including signs, chairs or tables.