Denver (KDVR) — A Colorado campaign has a mission to encourage those suffering from addiction to seek recovery.

The state’s Lift the Label campaign strives to remove the damaging labels and stigma that can prevent people with addiction from getting help.

Keith Hayes is proud to be a part of the program and to share his story. 

“I have five years clean and sober now,” he said.

Hayes is in long-term recovery after a tough period in his life. 

“I had a problem with opiates. I had a problem with powder cocaine and I had a problem with drinking, and it brought me to my knees,” he said.

Hayes decided to get treatment and now he wants others to know they can do the same thing.

“I had to be willing to do the work and it’s not easy, but man, it sure is worth it,” he said. Hayes is now the Director of Recovery at 5280 High School in Denver, a school that serves students who struggle with substance abuse.

One issue, he said, that could prevent people from seeking treatment is the stigma. So, Hayes and other Coloradans are sharing their stories at and in public service announcements.

“The aim of it is to share stories, to really be a place of inspiration and hope for people who are seeking to get there,” said Stefany Busch with the Colorado Behavioral Health Administration.

Busch says she wants people to know that recovery is possible for everyone.

“If you feel like it’s not possible, we just want you to know that it is, because there is support out there,” Busch said.

Busch wants it to be known the website has resources and tools available as well.