AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — Aurora Fire Rescue has set a goal to get more women involved in the department, which is why they’re now hosting “Camp Spark” to ignite young girls’ interest in firefighting.

This unique event happened at the Aurora Training Center, and it’s the third time the department has hosted this all-girl camp.

The goal is to introduce young women to the firefighting profession and inspire them to consider a career in public safety.

The camp is hosted during the summer for girls 12 to 18 years old and it’s a three-day immersive experience. They tackle a firehouse workout, rappelling challenges, hands-on drill stations, and much more.  

This year there are 20 girls participating and six of them are returning from last year.

“We will be challenging these young women to use their problem-solving, leadership, knowledge and physical ability to accomplish the challenging curriculum. their adaptability remains a key to their own success, it’s a characteristic we work to train into these campers as they work through challenging tasks in stem and firefighting,” Aurora Fire Rescue Lieutenant, Valerie Marshall Solano, said.

All of the staff are volunteering their time to teach the next generation of firefighters.