DENVER (KDVR) — Cleanup efforts are underway at the Cambridge Place apartments in Denver after a fire broke out in one of the units Monday evening.

Fire officials with the Denver Fire Department said the fire was contained to one unit on the third floor, but there was extensive smoke damage to floors three, four and five. 

Julie Ryberg lives on the fourth floor and said she had just gotten off work. 

“I started to smell something burning and I went out on my balcony, and I saw the black smoke coming out of the apartment that was on fire,” Ryberg said. “The stairwells were full of smoke. You could hardly see. You had to feel the railing to help yourself down.”

Despite the flames and the smoke, the property management company told FOX31 everyone is allowed back in their units. But Ryberg said she’s still concerned about air quality in the building. 

“It smells really smoky and it has a chemical smell,” Ryberg said.  

It’s a concern Ryberg said she’s brought to the attention of the property management company. 

“It’s just concerning that I asked about the air quality and the only response I could get is that the building is structurally safe, but they didn’t say anything about the air quality,” Ryberg said.

Cambridge Place management responds after fire

FOX31 spoke with the regional manager for Cambridge Place apartments, who said there are cleaning efforts underway, and everyone is allowed back in their apartments, aside from the one unit where the fire originated.

They said they did not have a formal statement to release.

Denver Fire told FOX31 that the building has been deemed structurally safe, but Ryberg said she’s disappointed with the communication from their property manager.  

“I’m just surprised there wasn’t more concern taken and that there haven’t been any more updates,” Ryberg said. “I understand the building is structurally safe and that it’s not going to fall down, but there are other things that could be causing problems that we just don’t have any information on yet.”  

Denver Fire said there were no injuries reported and the cause of the fire is currently under investigation.