Update: The Aurora Police Department has released more information about this shooting, saying the man who had a gun was being robbed. Read more here.

AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — There is a call for help from some in Aurora who say crime is out of control near Havana and Colfax. It’s where a reportedly armed man was shot and killed by police early Wednesday morning.

A mother who didn’t want to be identified spoke about the problems she sees daily there.

“There’s a lot of homeless and random people on both ends of the bus stop. They harass people a lot of the time,” she said.

She’s not alone in her concern.

Dara Goldsby is the CEO of the Caring and Sharing Community Resources and Transformation Center. It’s based near Havana Street and Colfax Avenue.

Goldsby tries to help people with substance abuse problems and job challenges, and she even provides food when there’s a need. She told FOX31 that crime runs rampant there, even in plain sight.

“You know, most of the ones that I talk to do not fear the police. They do not fear doing drugs right here. They do not fear doing violence. They know that in most cases, that the police are not going to show up,” Goldsby said.

Goldsby said police don’t respond to calls to calls often enough here.

Aurora Police are investigating a deadly shooting involving officers near Colfax Avenue and Havana Street on the early morning of Aug. 23, 2023. Police said they were observing cameras when they saw a man pull a gun on someone. (Aurora Police Department)

Mobile security trailer with cameras is nearby

But what is constantly at the intersection is the sound of classical music from a nearby security trailer. A Walgreens spokesperson said it is used to deter loitering on the premises.

The mobile security trailer also has cameras that are used as soft deterrents.

Law enforcement procedural expert James Allbee is familiar with them.

“A lot of private companies have started to use those in areas where we’ve had an increase of homeless or those that are loitering. Typically, the music and lights is a deterrent to keep those from hanging out and making them feel at home,” Allbee said.

Aurora Police say a high number of drug sales and thefts take place at the intersection. That’s the reason, FOX31 was told, officers were pro-actively policing the spot when the shooting happened. Police said the officers were monitoring cameras in the area when they saw the man pull a gun on someone.

FOX31 has contacted police about comments made regarding the lack of police response to calls.

Late Thursday afternoon, FOX31 reached out to Aurora Police for comment. We will post APD’s response when we receive it.