AURORA, Co. (KDVR) — A local union of sheet metal workers is calling for an independent investigation into what happened at the Gaylord Rockies on Saturday.

Sheet Metal Workers Local Union #9 said an independent investigation must be done to determine what caused the HVAC ducts to collapse.

Six people were hurt in the collapse, and dozens of others scrambled for safety when the air ducts went crashing down into the pool area.

The Union sent the letter to more than a dozen government leaders and agencies demanding a third-party investigation into the incident.

Under current laws, the Hotel is allowed to take the lead in determining what caused the collapse.

The sheet metal workers said full transparency is needed to understand what went wrong.

The letter was sent to Governor Jared Polis, Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman, Aurora City Council Members, State Attorney General Phil Weiser and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

You can read the full letter here.

Questions need to be asked: Legal experts

Attorney Bryan Kuhn said one of the first questions should be asked of the hotel itself.

“Did they do anything negligent? Was there something they should have done in terms of maintenance or repairs that were not done that led to the accident?” Kuhn said.

Kuhn said he’d also ask questions about who installed the HVAC system and if it was installed correctly and in line with industry standards and safety practices. 

Kuhn said the equipment itself also needs to be inspected. 

“Was the equipment designed negligently? Was it manufactured negligently and, therefore, is that the reason that it failed where it broke in such a harmful fashion?” Kuhn asked.

Investigators, he said, must check with engineers and architects on the design of the building and the ducts.

Kuhn said there could be more than one party with important information that could lead to answers. 

FOX31 Legal analyst Chris Decker said while the hotel carries large insurance policies, those companies will also try to figure out what happened as well. 

“The insurance company may try to turn around and seek and seek compensation from any number of contractors if there is some faulty installation or something which the insurance company can point out that should take their liability away,” Decker said.

FOX31 reached out to Gaylord for a response Tuesday but had not heard back on the request.

Over the weekend, a spokesperson for the hotel said it would work with the appropriate experts to determine what happened.