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EVERGREEN, Colo. — A popular bar and grill in Evergreen is dealing with a situation that it had nothing to do with.

Some people are confusing Cactus Jack’s Saloon in Evergreen with a different Cactus Jack in North Fort Myers, Florida, that shares the same name — and in turn, accusing it of being racist.

A video went viral over the weekend showing an employee from the Cactus Jack in Florida calling a customer the “N-word.”

That Cactus Jack has nothing to do with Evergreen’s Cactus Jack’s, aside from having a similar name.

But several people have been leaving 1-star negative Yelp reviews for Cactus Jack’s Saloon in Evergreen, thinking it employs people with racist views.

“We have nothing to do with them whatsoever. We’re a friendly, hippy bar in Evergreen, Colorado, that welcomes everyone with open arms,” owner Gary Mitchell said.

Mitchell has reached out to the people who left negative reviews in an attempt to clear up the confusion.