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DENVER — Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg campaigned in Denver for the first time Wednesday as the campaign looked to build support in Colorado, a Super Tuesday state.

“Colorado, I think you are going to help me become the nominee and the next president of the United States,” Buttigieg told the 2,000-plus supporters present.

The Fillmore event was a ticketed event with many donating to attend.

Buttigieg later attended a separate fundraiser in a private home in Denver’s Hilltop neighborhood.

Buttigieg’s 45-minute speech included taking questions from a fishbowl but it also repeated several themes present in stump speeches across Iowa and New Hampshire, like the issue of faith.

“This country belongs to people of every religion and of no religion equally,” Buttigieg told the crowd. “God does not belong to a political party in the United States of America.”

On impeachment, Buttigieg said, “for the first time in a long tie I’d really like to hear what Ambassador Bolton has to say.”

Buttigieg is continuing to press the need to pay teachers more.

“If we honored our teachers a little more like soldiers and paid them a little more like doctors, we’d be better off as a country,” Buttigieg said.

The former South Bend, Indiana mayor’s husband Chasten Buttigieg joined him on stage prior to working the rope line at the Fillmore.

Buttigieg did not take questions from the traditional Colorado press corps but did participate in a Facebook live forum in Denver earlier in the day on Wednesday.