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DENVER (KDVR) — Business capacity limits are going away in Colorado. The state health department said the restrictions will end starting June 1. Business owners who spoke to FOX31 said they are thrilled to welcome more customers.

At Triangle Denver, a popular gay bar, co-owner Sean O’Grady said a steady flow of business is returning. 

“[Lifting restrictions] was a weight lifted off everybody’s shoulders,” O’Grady said. “People definitely were missing the mingling, and getting to talk to other people, and sit with their friends.”

O’Grady and his team are anxious to welcome the masses back to what’s known as a home for the LGBTQ+ community. They’re ready for the return of drag bingo, beer bust charity events and their famed Pride block party.

“We’re so relieved to be back to normal,” he said.

Wedding planner Erika Sandoval, of Erika Sandoval Events, is relieved as well. She’s busier than ever! As a wedding planner, Sandoval is juggling new clients along with scheduling weddings that were postponed.

She said couples no longer need to stress over a limited invite list to meet COVID restrictions.

“They’re excited, and I’m excited too,” she said.

Those who are still not vaccinated should continue wearing masks, according to health guidelines. Enforcing that, however, is not easy.

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment released the following information on Monday concerning the latest public health order:

• Modified face covering requirements as follows:

◦ Changed face covering requirements to start at age 12, reflecting the state’s vaccine-eligible population.

◦ Revised face covering requirements to only apply to unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated individuals in settings such as schools, camps, Colorado Department of Motor Vehicle offices, prisons, jails, and other settings outlined in the order. This update clarified that patients, staff, and visitors in healthcare settings are included in these requirements.

◦ Changed the exemption age for face coverings to individuals age 11 and younger.

• Removed restrictions for large indoor gatherings.

• Removed all references to the face covering Executive Order, because it expires.