LYONS, Colo. (KDVR) — Normally this time of year, Jeralyn Edwards-Berner would be gearing up for Valentine’s Day.

In the floral industry, it’s the biggest holiday of them all, bringing in an estimated 20% of her annual income. But instead, her Lyons shop remains shut down as inspectors run mold tests inside.

“The whole flower shop got flooded,” she said, “and water’s very destructive.”

Just days before Christmas, she shut down her floral shop for the holidays, leaving a faucet running with record-cold temperatures in the forecast. She would return to find 2 inches of standing water after a pipe on an exterior wall burst. 

“I did everything I absolutely could, and I don’t think it was anybody’s fault,” she said. “It just got that cold.”

Edwards-Berner is worried her business might not survive if she can’t open soon. She needs a space to work for the next few months, but she has a limited budget to make it happen.

“You’re not a florist for the money,” she said.

She’s hoping the community can help her get through the situation and allow her beautiful creations to continue.

“My customers and my clients mean everything to me,” she said. “I love creating something extraordinary just for them, and it would break my heart not to do that.”