DENVER (KDVR) – People celebrating the Fourth of July on Monday night had to suddenly scramble for cover when several people were shot at a party in southwest Denver, including one person who has since died.

A group of witnesses told FOX31 that there was a large number of people simply enjoying the fireworks shows when bullets started flying in the 2100 block of West Pacific Place after a fight had broken out at a party.

A mother who lives near where the shooting happened said she ran to check on her children. There were a lot of people in the area who at first didn’t know what to think.

“We started walking [and] we felt the bullets going straight between us,” a woman who was at the party said.

People who were at the party said they found unspent cartridges, commonly used with AR-15s, at the scene of the shooting the following day.

FOX31 could not independently confirm if those rounds belonged to the shooter’s gun.

“I was like, ok cool they are playing Orby guns. The next thing you know we just started getting shot at for no reason,” a man who was in the area said.

Witnesses said that at one point, the gun seemed to have jammed and it had what looked like a silencer and a scope.

Another mother at the party said she scrambled to get her kids to a safe place.

“I brought them in my house because I saw cops flying down the street with sirens and I made sure my kids went into the house,” the mother revealed, still shaken a day after the shooting.

Neither the person who was killed nor the injured individuals have been identified at this point.

Denver police told FOX31 that they are trying to figure out the relationship between the shooter and the victims involved.