DENVER (KDVR) — Protective gear is arriving for two Denver-area brothers fighting in Israeli paratrooper units that lacked bulletproof vests.

In mid-October, FOX31 reported about the twins, who had gone to fight Israel’s war against Hamas. Ethan and Jacob Grinberg, 23, are members of two separate paratrooper units, but their family said they did not have bulletproof vests.

Loved ones put together a fundraiser to buy 220 bulletproof vests for the units for $144,000. As of Monday, the fundraiser had surpassed the goal, with nearly $147,300 raised.

On Monday, FOX31 received a video provided by the father of the twins but was asked not to publish the video for security reasons.

The person in the video identified himself as a member of the paratrooper unit and expressed deep gratitude for the donations to the fundraiser to help buy the bulletproof vests.

The twins’ father, Alex Grinberg, said the unit has received the plates for the vests. The vests that hold the plates are expected to arrive this week.

The paratrooper in the video said the vests would help protect the troops.

The video shows the plates and the troops singing a song called “Am Yisrael Chai,” meaning “the people of Israel live.” It’s an ancient song of celebration in the face of adversity, according to Grinberg.