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DENVER — After two mass shootings over the weekend and with children returning to school, parents across the country are facing the sad reality that they may feel safer investing in extra protection for their students. Now, many companies are marketing bullet-resistant backpacks and school supplies to parents.

“After some of these mass shootings, I think a lot of parents go online and look for these things,” said parent Amy Garrett. “I might return my daughter’s backpack that she got on Amazon yesterday and look into getting one of these.”

Branded as bulletproof backpacks, several companies test the special padding on the inside, advertising them as resistant against bullets from shotguns or handguns.

Now, the backpacks are in demand across the country, selling at major school supply hubs like Office Depot.

Fort Collins-based Angel Armor says they’ve sold “countless” backpacks so far, but a representative could not provide an exact figure. It’s the only product the company sells to consumers.

“It’s a little bit terrifying that we even have to consider these things but I think that’s the world we’re living in,” said Luke Siekmeier, a father of four in Denver.

The bags typically run between $100 and $200. Companies are also developing “bulletproof binders” and other school-related products for students.

“There’s no price you can put on life,” Garrett said. “Especially your child’s life.”