DENVER (KDVR) — An incredibly close call on the interstate: A man and his teen daughter ended up in the middle of gunfire.

The driver, who chose to remain anonymous, spoke with FOX31 and said he was in the southbound lanes of Interstate 25, right by Empower Field at Mile High, when this happened on Tuesday night.

“The city that we live in now is not the same city that we used to live in,” the father told FOX31 in an exclusive interview.

He said he was driving with his teen daughter in the passenger seat.

“We were driving home from a varsity volleyball match up north, and we came down underneath the underpass of I-70 on I-25. And a bunch of cars, street racers, just go by us and we didn’t really pay much mind,” he said.

Investigators haven’t confirmed if this was possible road rage or street racing gone wrong. Regardless, moments later, things took a wrong turn.

“These cars are jockeying back and forth at a really low rate of speed and then our windshield blast, and the gun blast, and next thing I know, we get covered in glass,” he said.

“It’s a little surreal, you know. You don’t ever think that you’re gonna have your child in that situation, right?” he said, emotionally.

The Denver Police Department said it is actively looking into this case and whether this incident is related to road rage or street racing.