AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — Colorado state Sen. Rhonda Fields is speaking out to her colleagues in power after experiencing gun violence again firsthand.

Between hours of debate and discussion on changing the laws at the Colorado state Capitol, Fields raised her hand Monday to raise her concerns after a weekend riddled with gun violence.

“I’d like to request a moment of personal privilege,” Fields asked on the Senate floor. “This weekend, there were seven separate weekend shootings that left one person dead and 11 wounded. This was in the Denver metro area.”

Bullet pierces Colorado senator’s home

After detailing the different acts of gun violence occurring over the weekend, Fields got personal. Almost 18 years after her son and his fiancée were gunned down, the violence hit close to home again for the senator.

“Friday, while we were here debating gun bills, I had the Aurora (Police) Department crime scene unit at my home, and they pulled a bullet out of my wall at my home,” Fields said. “It went through the front of a balcony in my front entryway. The bullet struck through the bay window on the top level, went into my living room, went into the China cabinet and got stuck in the wall behind the China cabinet.”

Broken glass on the door of a China cabinet
A bullet pierced the home of state Sen. Rhonda Fields, damaging her furniture.

Fields echoed what happened again at Aurora City Council on Monday night. 

“I’m here to let you know that I don’t feel safe in my own home,” Fields said at the council meeting. “I don’t know what the answers are. I just know that we need to take the blinders off if they’re on, and we need to make sure that our law enforcement officers have the appropriate resources, our teachers and our schools have the appropriate manpower, to deal with the violence that people are seeing.”

Aurora Police officials shared the following information about the bullet going into her house:

“The incident in which Senator Fields is referring to is believed to have occurred on February 20 and reported to APD on February 25,” a police statement reads.

“Through the investigation, detectives reviewed surveillance footage in that area and believed that the incident occurred on the 20th because there were two vehicles involved in a road-rage incident and shots were fired,” the statement continues. “It is then that investigators believed that the house was struck. No one was home at the time of the incident. There is no evidence that anyone was targeted. This remains an active investigation.”