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LARIMER COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — The Larimer County Sheriff’s Office says a man was attacked by a bull moose while bowhunting.

It happened near Long Draw Road and Highway 14, which is south of Cameron Peak before 12 p.m. on Tuesday.

The sheriff’s office said it received an emergency SOS from a GPS device. A man reported that he was attacked and seriously injured by a moose while he was hunting.

Before rescue crews arrived on scene, the sheriff’s office said other hunters helped the man by rendering first aid, including using a tourniquet.

The man was airlifted to the hospital in an unknown condition. His identity has not yet been released.

What do you do if a moose charges?

Earlier this year, two people were attacked by a moose near Nederland. Colorado Parks and Wildlife said there were four moose attacks involving humans in 2021, and three of those attacks involved dogs as a catalyst in those attacks.

If a moose charges you, here’s what CPW said you should do:

  • Run away as fast as possible
  • Get behind a large tree, rock, or another object
  • If you are knocked down, get up quickly
  • If injured, seek immediate medical attention
  • Report the incident to CPW as soon as possible

CPW said moose typically respond to threats by raising their hackles on the back of their neck, licking their snout and pinning their ears back. They may bluff-charge at first, then turn back and charge aggressively, kicking and stomping the threat with their sharp hooves and powerful front leg.