BROOMFIELD, Colo. (KDVR) – A community alert from the Broomfield Police Department is shedding light on a rising issue with teens in our area.

BPD said they’ve recently responded to two incidents at large parties that were promoted on social media, specifically Snapchat.

Brian Mason, Adams and Broomfield Counties District Attorney is concerned too, “we’ve had some back-to-back parties with not just shootings, but shootouts and these are very, very dangerous. We’ve had several of these in my jurisdiction in the last few months and so it’s something that I’m very concerned about.”

The warning sent out in Broomfield said “you have a bunch of strangers receiving an invite, and when you add drugs and alcohol to the mix, the outcome is never going to be good” BPD also said promoting a party on social media is only asking for these types of problems to be in attendance.

Some may be asking: “But just how big of an issue is it for our area?”

We went back in our reporting and within the last four months, at least three house parties have turned violent in these counties alone.

If you go back further, that number rises. Back in February, a home collapsed in Arapahoe County due to the number of teenagers inside.

“If you go to a house party and you don’t know anybody there besides one or two of your friends, it’s probably not a party you should be at. If you go to a house party and you see somebody with a gun, that’s a party you should be walking out the door of immediately,” Mason said.

“We have to have the community come together and find safe places to gather and safe activities so that they’re not going to these house parties and so that we don’t have hundreds of kids in one place and a shootout,” Mason said.

It’s an issue that he feels should get the attention of everyone in the community.