BROOMFIELD, Colo. (KDVR) – What some could argue as a moderately to severely peculiar sight was caught on camera Wednesday when police slid into action atop a frozen lake in Colorado.

In a tweet published by the Broomfield Police Department, video footage shows a patrol car navigating a driving course on top of a frozen lake in Georgetown.

“On Wednesday, our team of driving instructors spent the day training with the Georgetown [Police Department] on their ice driving course,” BPD said in the tweet.

The officer taking a run at the wintry cone-riddled course was in the middle of a high-speed power slide for the entirety of the roughly 10-second-long video.

Georgetown Lake is the home of “Our Gang Ice Racing,” which is held over seven weekends in both January and February.

If you want to witness some of this impressive driving, or if you want to partake in some vehicular ice-sliding, you can both pre-register and learn how to spectate on the group’s website.

Even though the ice racing club’s website said the ice on Georgetown Lake is frozen 16 to 17 inches deep, down in the Foothills, walking out on frozen water is a much riskier and potentially deadly affair.

Despite the entertainment factor attached to the video, this can also serve as a healthy reminder for all to avoid going out onto frozen lakes.