BROOMFIELD, Colo. (KDVR) — Police are looking into what some residents are calling an “organized crime ring” breaking into vehicles in the Via Varra area in Broomfield.

It’s just across the highway from Flatirons Crossing, packed with townhomes, condos and apartments. Darcie Jones and Shane Kurth said they’ve been living in the area for about eight years.

“It’s been crazy the last few years,” Jones said.

They said their truck and camper were stolen last year. A week ago, more break-ins in the area were reported, which didn’t surprise Jones and Kurth.

“It’s hard to watch, because people are so surprised when it happens because it’s happening every day,” Jones said. “There’s nothing really happening to stop them.”

Residents said three vehicles in the VantagePointe parking garage were left with shattered windows.

Residents tell FOX31 three cars were broken into on Feb. 6 in the Via Varra area. (Submitted)

“The days of assuming people are good, it kind of feels like it’s gone,” Jones said. “Once this kind of thing happens, it’s like I don’t really trust anyone.”

Colorado among top states for auto theft

The FOX31 Data Desk reports Colorado is among the top states in the nation for auto thefts. Data from Colorado Crime Statistics show motor-vehicle thefts in Broomfield are up too.

The homeowner’s association president told FOX31 they’ve installed more security cameras, but there’s not much else they can do.

“I think people should be made aware, but more importantly I think people need to get in trouble when stuff happens,” Kurth said.

That’s something both Jones and Kurth said isn’t happening, and their frustration is shared by many in the area.

“If our business wasn’t here, we would live somewhere else for sure,” Jones said, “mainly because I don’t want to live somewhere I can’t leave something in my driveway.”

Broomfield Police declined an interview with FOX31 due to what they call the “sensitive nature” of the investigation.

In a response to FOX31, a Broomfield Police spokesperson said, “I can confirm we are aware of the motor vehicle thefts and detectives are doing everything in their power to identify those responsible.”