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BRIGHTON, Colo. — The family of an 18-year-old Brighton man says he’s made a miraculous recovery after being hit and dragged by an alleged drugged driver in September.

Adam Butler suffered massive internal injuries as well as a traumatic brain injury — but he tells FOX31 he expects to make a full recovery.

On Saturday, his family attended a fundraiser for him at In the Zone Sports Bar and Grill in Golden.

There was standing room only at the poker fundraiser and silent auction.

“I don’t think anybody who treated him initially, anybody who saw him initially, would have bet money that this is where we’re at,” said Adam’s mother, Audra Butler.

Throughout the fundraiser, Audra Butler continued to go “all in for Adam” at the poker table.

“He gave me a crash course last night on how to play poker, and I just keep going all in because why the heck not? I’m all in for Adam — every day, all day!” she said, smiling.

A month ago, Butler told FOX31 she feared her son may never walk or talk again.

“It seems like I’m just going to be able to go back to life as it was before. I don’t have any life complicating injuries, so we really lucked out on that,” said Adam Butler, who has cuts and several small scars on his face from the incident.

He says his worst pain is in his knee.

“The only thing I really remember is directly after I got hit, I had this feeling of, ‘All right, I know that I might be dead here,’” Adam Butler said.

But the teen survived, capturing the hearts of community members like Dean and Terie Rice, who organized Saturday’s fundraiser.

“His fight and his struggle through being in the hospital — all of that just touched us.  We’re parents too, so it’s a good thing to support,” Terie Rice told FOX31 during the fundraiser.

“I never would have imagined that there would have been this type of support for me, like I would have made such an impact,” said Adam Butler, looking around the bar.

The soon-to-be 19-year-old is already resuming plans to pursue a degree in computer science and software engineering.

“It’s a little ways out now because I can’t sit in front of my computer as long but it still is in the future. I can still type, I can still do it. I haven’t forgotten how to do any of it,” he said.

“His bones are healing. His soft tissue injuries are healing. His mind is healing. He can speak articulately again. He has goals again. He’s going to not just make it — he’s going to kill it,” said Audra Butler with tears in her eyes.

The family still has a lot of medical bills and insurance won’t cover all of them. The driver accused of hitting him was uninsured.

Audra Butler says thanks fundraisers like this, her son gets to thrive in adulthood instead of worrying about filing for bankruptcy.

“We still have no idea moving forward, how much it’s going to be and what it’s going to take — financially — to get him to that 100% mark. But this makes it all possible,” she said.

Another fundraiser will take place on Saturday, Nov. 16, at Blackjack Pizza in Brighton from 4-8 p.m.

Find the Butlers’ GoFundMe page here.