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BRIGHTON, Colo. (KDVR) — A Brighton City Council member is apologizing to residents after he admits he was under the influence of alcohol and medication during Tuesday night’s City Council meeting.

Ward 3 Councilman Kris Jordinelli went off on a bizarre rant during the middle of the virtual meeting, following other strange behavior earlier in the evening.

First, Jordinelli had difficulties with his audio and made a comment about his red appearance on the computer screen.

Shortly after, following a presentation from the animal shelter, Jordinelli began a strange rant, saying, “I grew up on a farm and I saw animals eat each other. I had cops who were my buddies, and a cat will eat the brain of an old lady, so this conversation is just pissing me off. I may get recalled over it and I don’t care.”

Several city leaders on the Zoom call tell the FOX31 Problem Solvers they knew something was wrong, which prompted a decision to send someone to Jordinelli’s home to check on him.

“Just the way he was acting, I felt like some kind of substance was being abused at that moment during the meeting,” Mayor Pro Tem Matt Johnston told the Problem Solvers.

Johnston’s suspicions were confirmed when the FOX31 Problem Solvers caught up with Jordinelli and he admitted he was under the influence.

“I had a couple of beers and some medication and it threw me off. I had to throw that stuff out. I think it was bad,” said Jordinelli.

Several City Council members have now called a special meeting to introduce a resolution to censure Jordinelli’s comments Tuesday night.

“The censure is all about making sure the public understands the city of Brighton does not condone what happened,” said Johnston.

However, Jordinelli says he just wants a second chance.

“It’s just a really stupid, a costly mistake. Just stupid,” Jordinelli said.

“We want to embrace him. We’re not going to shun him. The fact is, he’s a good council member and a good person,” said Johnston. “However, we have to protect every vote — that it’s coming from a good head — and we have to protect the citizens’ money.”

The special Brighton City Council meeting will take place Tuesday, Sept. 22 at 6 p.m.