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BRIGHTON, Colo. — The city of Brighton admitted Wednesday it may owe residents money for overcharging water bills.

A Facebook post from the city of Brighton asks residents to review their water bills to look at the length of billing cycles. The post says if people had a billing cycle of “32 days or more,” they should send the bill to the city and see if any credit is due.

Thursday, the city announced that about 900 customers would be credited, on average, $3.25 for the billing cycle.

A spokesperson also told FOX31 that the city is not investigating longer billing cycles from the past, though it welcomes questions from water customers.

“Something fishy is going on and I want to know how much money are we out,” said Rachel Baldwin, who lived in a townhome in Brighton for about three years and believes she was overcharged.

Some of Baldwin’s billing cycles lasted 38 days and she said she had an unexplained door hanger fee for $25.

This comes after City Council voted to fire the city manager after he discovered $70 million in unused water funds. Mayor Ken Kreutzer and the voting majority of Council cited a personnel issue and deny the firing had anything to do with water money.

More than 225 people have commented on the post as of Thursday night, some claiming they’ve had consistent billing cycles of 38 days for years. Residents tell FOX31 Brighton has a tier system for water billing, and extending a water billing cycle could bump people up a tier, costing them even more money.

The claim by many people on the Facebook post is the city has been billing ratepayers for days that don’t exist, and therefore owes them thousands of dollars.

If you have a billing cycle longer than 31 days on the July/August bill, you’re encouraged to call the city at 303-655-2009.