DENVER (KDVR) — Arapahoe County Animal Services took on a not-so-average call on Wednesday after a bright orange, 10-pound iguana was spotted at Cherry Creek State Park.

On Friday, Arapahoe County posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, that an iguana was hanging out on a tree. After receiving a call about a reptile on the loose, Officer Cori Wylde responded to the scaly situation.

Luckily, Wylde had an iguana as a pet and knew exactly what to do. Arapahoe County posted a picture of Wylde and the reptile. When she picked it up, the 3-foot-long iguana was about half the size of Wylde.

Officer Wylde holding the rescued iguana (Photo courtesy of Arapahoe County)

This isn’t the first unusual call Arapahoe County has dealt with. In April, animal services found a baby calf named Benjamin in the backyard of a residential neighborhood. He was hanging out in a small dog house before they reunited him with his herd.

As for the iguana, the owner hasn’t come forward. If you notice your bright orange iguana is missing, it’s being held by the county. If it goes unclaimed, the iguana will likely be transferred to a rescue, Arapahoe County said.