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DENVER (KDVR) – Beta Nightclub has been stripped of its liquor license following multiple alleged reports of violence, distribution of drugs, and bribing an officer surfaced in police investigations.

The nightclub, located at 1909 Blake St., has been an epicenter of crime, according to police records. Fights occurred at the club at least monthly. Other violations include the distribution of imitation controlled substances on the premises, allowing the consumption of alcohol after 2 a.m., permitting the sales of narcotics on the premises, violating fire regulations, and having unlicensed security guards.

Hussam Kayali is a manager at the nightclub. In a report, investigators found aggravating circumstances to justify taking the liquor license away, including the fact that Kayali was present during fights and allowing the consumption of alcohol beyond the legally allowed time of 2 a.m.

What’s more, Kayali “escalated disagreements during inspections into attempted intimidation of the DPD and DFD staff by declaring he was a member of the La Cosa Nostra.”

A final report from the director of the Department of Excise and Licenses also found Kayali attempted to bribe a police officer to influence the legal process, offering payment for assurance that “things would come out right.”