AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — An SUV crashed into an Aurora liquor store in a daring burglary and it was all caught on video.

It happened near the corner of Iliff Avenue and South Tower Road Friday night. The owner, Girum Alemayeheo, told FOX31 that a security camera caught video of this brazen burglary.

“I was thinking some drunk person was riding off the road,” Alemayeheo said.

That was the initial thought but that’s not what actually happened at the G & E Liquors store.

“I feel terrible, you know, just kind of violated,” Alemayeheo said. “You see your property, you see your belongings taken like that.”

You can see in the video the thieves enter the store and steal several items – some by dragging them out and others carried out.

“The ATM, a lot of money and even a Bitcoin machine,” Alemayeheo said. “We have a safe under the cash register which we save daily sales.”

Other items stolen included e-cigarettes and even a gun Alemayeheo had under the counter.

While he’s glad this crime was caught on camera, Alemayeheo said there’s something to be said about the brazen act and the people involved to do something like this, seemingly under cover of darkness.

“There is some kind of overconfidence or there is some kind of awareness that they won’t be caught,” Alemayeheo said.

The business supports Alemayeheo’s family which includes his three kids in college and his family back in Africa.

Alemayeheo is asking anyone who might recognize the people in the video to call Aurora police immediately.