DENVER (KDVR) — Police in Denver have just released body camera video from when an officer shot and killed a man last Saturday as they responded to a domestic violence call.

It started as a call where witnesses reported seeing an intoxicated man push over his wife, who uses a wheelchair, and then assault his teenage son, according to police. Police said they weren’t able to confirm this was a case of domestic violence, but the officers met up with the suspect in the middle of the street.

Within 40 seconds of arriving on scene, an officer is seen in the video firing a Taser at the suspect, Brandon Cole, as he approaches a female officer. The female officer can be heard in the body camera video saying the man had a knife.

According to Denver Police, the second Taser probe didn’t land, and so the stun gun didn’t work. That officer then fires two shots.

Cole was taken to the hospital and later died. It turns out he was carrying a black marker.

Officer shot in direction of woman, child

This happened on the 2300 block of West Cedar Avenue.

In the video, a woman and child could be seen behind Cole when the officer fired shots. Denver Police Chief Ron Thomas addressed that in a news conference on Monday afternoon.

“When she finally deploys her duty weapon, the person is so close to her that her view of that young child and that young person are not even clear to her,” Thomas said. “And so certainly that was a consideration, but I think it was just not much time to act before she was overrun by that individual.”

Colorado State Patrol and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation are still looking into the shooting. Both officers in the case were placed on modified paid leave while the investigation continued.