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DENVER — Denver Fashion Week continues this weekend and this year, a little bit of history was made!

Brett Logan, 14, broke new barriers by becoming the first child with Down syndrome to model for the show!

Brett had been in the foster care system until his Special Education Teacher, Jennifer Nelson, adopted him.

Nelson said Brett worked hard to overcome the challenges associated with Down syndrome, epilepsy and previous challenges from his home life.

“He continues to surpass all expectations. When he’s not busy crushing limits and stereotypes, he is in Varsity Cheer at Legend High School, participates in the Junior Denver Bronco Cheerleaders team, and competes in special Olympics,” Nelson told us.

Brett is signed with a local modeling agency, according to this mom.

“He is funny, charming, and loves to make others laugh. He also loves to dance! He is an ambassador for an organization called Nothing Down and is helping to raise awareness and change perceptions of Down syndrome and what people with Down syndrome are capable of,” she said.