WESTMINSTER, Colo. (KDVR) — A local 8-year-old, Stefan Keryan, suffered a horrible accident while he was on vacation with his family in Belize and is able to get home Sunday night thanks to the generosity of others.

Stefan fell off a horse and was dragged causing severe injuries while on a Carnival cruise excursion. His family didn’t know how they would get him back home, since he needed a doctor and nurse on board to monitor his vitals and oxygen levels.

A GoFundMe was set up shortly after the incident to help get the money for that $12,000 flight. The total raised is currently at nearly $60,000. The Sunday night medical flight and medical costs for his third-degree burns, skull fracture and minor contusion on the back of his brain were covered by what was raised through the site.

His school, Orchard Park Academy helped in a large way. One of his teachers, Carisa Olmos said, “I was shocked and my heart was broken and I was scared for him and scared for the situation and I felt like we urgently needed to have a plan moving forward to help him all hands-on deck.”

After the school found out what had happened, they decided to do all they could to get Stefan home.

“We started talking with mom and we realized that mom’s efforts were not working as far as getting him back here to get medical care,” Olmos said. “So we connected with her and it was a team effort. We made phone calls, try a lot of things and the big push was getting the GoFundMe out there.”

These teachers and loved ones have no doubt he will get better soon because of Stefan’s spirit.

“He is super kindhearted, he is the sweetest soul. He’s so intelligent. He’s always learning new things, he always loves a challenge and never gives up,” Olmos said. “He is someone you always want to work with and see grow and I can’t wait to see him reach his highest potential.”

The family is expected to land late Sunday night and Stefan will be transported to the hospital immediately upon arrival.