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DENVER (KDVR) — Human remains were stolen out of a medical truck used to transport body parts for medical research. 

In Denver’s Central Park neighborhood, it’s a family atmosphere. There are a lot of families out and about including kids getting off the school bus and people walking their dogs.

Isaac Fields takes his dog, Margot, to the dog park almost every day. He moved here about three years ago.

“Pretty shocking. I guess I don’t see too many strange things happening around here usually, but you know you never know,” Fields said. “Wow! I would have been so terrified.”

Near 23rd Avenue around 11 a.m. Thursday morning, Denver Police said someone broke into a box truck and took a dolly and a box of human remains.

Sources told KDVR/KWGN it was a blue and white cardboard box about 20 x 15 x18 inches with “Science Care” written on the sides. Inside the box? Human heads.

Science Care is a program for donating bodies to science to help improve scientific research and education. FOX31 has reached out to the company to learn more about the intended destination.

Police also told us they were on their way for medical research use.  

“Well, my wife actually does Ph.D. research at the University of Colorado Anschutz,” Fields said. “So cadavers are definitely utilized in certain situations. And I’m assuming that was probably the case.”

After learning of the grim discovery, he had just about as many questions as one might expect. Where was the truck going?  Why was it parked on 23rd Avenue? Who was driving? And who would do something like this?

Police said what they can release is limited because the case is still active.

Neighbors are wondering whether the suspect intended to steal the remains or something else.  

So far no arrests have been made. 

Police are asking anybody who may know where the remains or if anyone has any information that can help identify the suspect(s) responsible, they are encouraged to contact Metro Denver Crime Stoppers (720) 913-STOP (7867).