Boulder offers support to Tennessee shooting victims, first responders

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BOULDER, Colo. (KDVR) — A mass shooting in a Tennessee grocery store that left one person dead and 12 others seriously injured is stirring up emotions for survivors of the Boulder King Soopers shooting.

On March 22, Emily Giffen, a former King Soopers employee, was taking a break when she heard gunshots and saw the gunman.

“It was a lot of shock, really hard to understand or comprehend,” Giffen said.

She says the shooting still affects her daily life.

“Just walking down the street instantly I’m looking at peoples’ hands. When I’m at work it’s like I don’t trust people who come in who I don’t know,” Giffen said.

Giffen says the situation in Tennessee brings back the emotions she felt in the days and weeks after the Boulder shooting.

“It’s really devastating to hear because it makes me remember how scared I was and remember calling my friends and not knowing if they would answer,” Giffen said.

Boulder Mayor Sam Weaver is also reminded of the struggles his city faced immediately following the shooting, and still to this day.

“It was certainly not something I had thought through how to respond to,” said Weaver.

Weaver reached out to Collierville’s mayor and city administrator Thursday afternoon, offering condolences and any type of help they might need.

“I think it’s a reminder that there are other people who we can look to for examples of what works and what doesn’t,” Weaver said. “It’s no fun being a member of the club that this happens to but at least we can lend out a hand to each other.”

Part of Boulder’s healing process included setting up the Boulder Strong Resource Center. The facility is now in a permanent location, offering walk-in services to anyone in the community.

“The needs change, it’s kind of unpredictable what people need and when they need it. We plan to be here for however that fluctuates for people. What we know is some days are harder than others,” Karen Schweihs, supervisor of the Boulder Strong Resource Center said.

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