SUPERIOR, Colo. (KDVR) — For days now, Elizabeth Kupfner has been digging through what’s left of her family’s home and rentals in Superior. It’s a painful struggle.

“It’s overwhelming. It’s hard. To watch my dad after 70 years lose everything, it’s pretty difficult,” Kupfner said. The Kupfners are among the many still trying to figure out how to rebuild their lives.

“It’s emotional watching (my dad) take the things he’s collected since he was a kid. Things like cars and parts, and then they end up in a recycle bin, and to know he’s at a time in his life that he’ll never recover from that,” Kupfner said.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help the family.

As the Kupfners begin cleaning up, they still have all kinds of questions. Some of those questions went to agencies at the Disaster Assistance Center. But Boulder County agencies offering help in person at the Disaster Assistance Center in Lafayette will close Saturday evening. The county will continue offering help online.

The Kupfners say lots of help and information is still needed.

“It comes down to questions about cleanup. The town tells you to go to the county. The county says talk to the town and the state. You go for building permits to get, like, temporary power. They drag their feet. Nobody has like concrete answers,” Kupfner said.

The Kupfners said the state has given them permission to clean up. The family is salvaging what they can after their unimaginable loss.