BOULDER, Colo. (KDVR) – It may not seem like it, especially after a snowstorm rolled through the region on Friday, but central Colorado has been experiencing increased levels of snow-melting weather this spring.

As a result of this increased inflow of snowmelt from Colorado’s high country, officials at the Barker Reservoir expect the dam’s annual spill to begin sometime next week. When that happens, excess water from the reservoir will travel down the spillways into Boulder Creek causing a potential concern for residents in the county.

According to city officials, the amount of water that will flow through Middle Boulder Creek during the spring season would equal the amount of water needed to fill the Barker Reservoir several times over.

Usually, this annual occurrence lands between mid-May to late July, but the higher temperatures as of late have led to a relatively early spill date. According to Boulder officials, the annual spill for Barker Reservoir is expected to begin no earlier than May 25.

Stay cautious around Boulder Creek

For the next several weeks, Boulder residents are being urged to use caution when going near Boulder Creek, which sprawls through the city. As the spill progresses down into the areas with lower elevation, the creek’s flow is expected to rise and speed up.

According to officials with the City of Boulder, the reservoir carries a rather limited storage space which leads to it filling rather quickly compared to others in the region.

If you have any questions on the dam spill or any other source water supply projects in the city, you can visit their information page.

Again, this should last several weeks once it starts so adopt caution when venturing near Boulder Creek as we enter the warmer summer months.