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BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — Neighbors suspected something was terribly wrong at home on Bosque Court, and they were saddened to learn details about what really happened to the woman they often saw tending her garden.

According to the arrest affidavit for Jeffrey Apprill, he was the sole provider and caretaker for his mother, Karen. Neighbors told police they hadn’t seen her since May 2019.

“I would see her in her garden quite a bit,” one neighbor said. “She had a beautiful garden. I always complimented her on that. She loved that. She’d always say, ‘Thank you, honey, for telling me that.'”

In August 2020, a series of events led deputies to the home, where they found Karen’s decomposing body on a bed in the master bedroom, along with evidence that she had been locked in the room.

Handwritten notes found

Under Jeffery’s own admission, he placed large bags of ice on Karen’s deceased body and changed them every few days. Deputies also found several handwritten notes from her.

“I guess to starve is one way to die. I thought you loved me,” she wrote in one note. In another: “I thought you love me?” and “Why did I have to work so hard to starve to death, Jeff. Thanks for nothing to eat.”

Neighbors say it’s hard to comprehend what was going on inside of their home, but they are focusing on their good memories of Karen.

“My memories of her when I did see her is a really sweet woman, and loved to be in her garden,” a neighbor said.

Jeffrey Apprill is facing charges of tampering with a deceased human body, caretaker neglect of an at-risk person and concealing a death.