DENVER (KDVR) — Student loan payments resume on Sunday and with that comes lots of uncertainty and concern from millions of borrowers. 

“It is stressful, and I am thinking about it,” Anne Nguyen said. 

The restart of payments comes after a three-year pause on all federal student loan payments. 

“The anxiety of payment is kind of shifting how I am thinking about choosing a career,” Dylan Gowins told FOX31. 

But there is help out there to make the process easier. 

Akrum Hassan, a financial advisor with Regista Financial Strategies, said the right financial plan is different for every borrower. 

“You have to think about your education as an asset,” Hassan said. “Don’t freak out, seek help, do the research, analyze the numbers and make a plan.”  

He said it’s important to build a plan that allows you to pivot.  

“Five years after college you might start a family, so your budget may change as well, so you want to have that flexibility to be able to flex left to right if needed,” Hassan said. 

And don’t be afraid to ask for help, he said.

“The biggest mistake I’ve seen throughout my career as a financial advisor is that people are not asking the professionals, they’re not asking for that help,” Hassan said. “If you’re graduating right now you’re not the first ones to go through it.” 

Hassan said it’s important for borrowers to pay attention to any tax reductions they may be eligible for and keep an eye on possible student loan repayment benefits offered by employers.  

“Fingers crossed that once I graduate this year, I’ll find a job that will help me be able to pay my loans off,” Nguyen said.