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DENVER (KDVR) — Coloradans looking to fly back home for Thanksgiving and Christmas might have to pay a pretty penny to do so.

This as several airlines warn they’re going to have far fewer flights this year.

“The word is book now, book early,” said Jeff Price, aviation expert and professor at MSU Denver.

The benefit of booking right now? According to Price, a roundtrip ticket from Denver to Boston purchased closer to the holidays could run upwards of $500-$800. Right now, if you booked for the holidays it would cost $244.

“If you don’t mind leaving on a Tuesday or Wednesday and coming back the following week on a Tuesday or Wednesday, you’re probably going to get a lower airfare,” Price said.

Southwest Airlines said it will have about 90,000 fewer flights in November and December.

American Airlines plans to cut its holiday season flights by about 86,000 flights.

People looking to fly for Thanksgiving and Christmas should also plan on arriving at DIA early the day of their flight.

“It’s going to be slower, even though airports are not conducting widespread testing yet. There are still going to be backups in screening lines, occasionally,” Price said.