ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — An Arapahoe County Sheriff’s deputy is being applauded for saving a choking infant. His heroic efforts were captured on his body camera.

Deputy Nicholas Pacheco, who has been with the department for eight years, was responding early Sunday morning to a call of an unresponsive child “turning blue.”

“Mother handed me a child, who was completely unresponsive,” Pacheco said.

Within minutes, Pacheco, who has two children himself, used his cardiopulmonary resuscitation skills to clear the baby boy’s pathway and resume his breathing.

“It feels amazing. It feels amazing,” he said.

Pacheco was able to hand the boy off to South Metro Rescue Fire, who transported him to Children’s Hospital.

The 1-month-old boy, Carlos, is doing well and is now back at home.

A small baby in a person's arms
Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Deputy Nicholas Pacheco saved 1-month-old baby Carlos, who was choking and unconscious when Pacheco responded to the call for help. (KDVR)

“After eight years of being here, I think it’s one of the highlights of my career so far, and, I’m just very grateful it turned out the way it did,” Pacheco said.

The deputy said his bilingual skills also aided in the efforts.