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LINCOLN COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) – Body camera footage and 911 calls from were released Wednesday after Deputy Michael Hutton was shot during a late-night ambush in late May.

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department was called to a truck stop along I-70 by a driver who reported someone breaking into trailers.

In the video you can see Deputy Michael Hutton talking to the driver who called and walking to a trailer when he gets shot.

You can watch the video below, but use caution because it does contain audio and video of Hutton being shot, although there is no blood or wounds visible.

The video posted by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office then cuts to an audio recording of the police communication channel and sound of Hutton saying he’s been shot and he’s bleeding.

Hutton ultimately survived being shot three times and the suspect. Tristin Ensinger of Ohio, was found dead in a field nearby with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Lincoln County Sheriff Tom Nestor said Ensinger was on the run for a murder he’d committed several days earlier and through the investigation officers learned that he was planning to ambush law enforcement when they responded.