BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — In a mission to set animals free from barns in the Marshall Fire, Boulder County deputies ended up saving six therapy horses. Their body camera footage captured it all.

Deputy Peter Markusen’s body camera captured the 30 seconds as he and his partner saved the six horses from a Boulder County barn. Footage shows powerful winds pushing lights and curtains in the barn.

Markusen said the fire was approaching quickly in eyesight as they managed to get them out of the gate safely.

The horses’ owner, Lynne Andrade, says the footage brings up all sorts of emotions.

“A very wide range of emotions — disbelief, joy gratitude,” Andrade said. “When we got the body cam, that just blew me away. The calmness of their voices and how the horses respond. That was just an amazing thing to see and to know that there were people working to save animals, too. That’s big for me.”

Andrade’s horses have been doing therapy work since 2014 through her organization Musiqus LLC.

Friends made a GoFundMe in an effort to support Musiqus LLC, explaining that the property where the barn is located has been deemed destroyed by the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office.