DENVER (KDVR) — In a 6-1 decision late Thursday night, the Denver Public Schools board voted to terminate the employment of Kurt Dennis.

Dennis was the principal at McAuliffe International School when a campus whistleblower revealed there was a seclusion room with a lock on the outside. Seclusion rooms with locks are against DPS rules.

The sole vote against Dennis’ termination came from Board Member Scott Baldermann. Baldermann argued some of the actions that followed the revelation of the seclusion room violated Dennis’ right to due process.

“Board members conducted their own investigations related to this personnel matter, which also likely violated board policy,” Baldermann said.

Other members of the board, particularly Auon’tai Anderson and Michelle Quattlebaum, opposed Baldermann’s take on the issue.

“Am I subverting someone’s due process by saying publicly we have to start believing our children? We have to start believing our Black, students our Latinx students, our students of color, when they say that harm is being caused?” Quattlebaum said.

“Black children were placed in this room so I hope that if any of those parents reach out to you that you will be able to stand on your 10 toes and defend your vote to those children who were placed in that room,” Anderson said.

An attorney for Dennis told FOX31 Thursday night he plans to move forward with a lawsuit against DPS, adding a lawsuit is expected to be filed in federal court on Sept. 1.